Welcome to our first podcast from our series, “Master Your Health” by Amanda Meixner  & Chris Rocchio. We created this podcast to share the tips & tricks to master your own health and optimize your body from the inside-out! Whether you’re on the treadmill, in your car, or cooking – we wanted to make this accessible, digestible information for you to incorporate into your daily life!

Show Notes

Our first episode spotlights one of our co-founders, health & nutrition guru & Instagram powerhouse, Amanda Meixner.  

Amanda’s love of health and fitness runs deep.  As a former high school athlete and lover of the outdoors, Amanda had always been drawn to being active.  It wasn’t until she had battled an eating disorder and recovered, that she found her passion for meal prep, wellness, nutrition, and healthy weight loss.   Before Instagram was oversaturated with meal prep, healthy cooking, and nutrition tips – Amanda was one of the pioneers within the space. Her passion and interest in healthy meal prep for ANYONE started while working her first job out of college.  She quickly realized the fastest, easiest way to save money and eat healthy, was to prep all lunches & dinners for the week, and decided to share it. From there, her content evolved to posting more healthy eating tips to overall nutrition advice. Organically, Amanda saw exponential growth and engagement on the platform, and quickly turned her passion into a business.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Amanda’s background & evolution: Why she decided to hone in on meal prep, healthy eating, body positivity, and what sparked her interest to share her tips & story on Instagram
  • The progression of Instagram content & providing value for her followers & audience
  • The truth behind her Instagram success
  • How you can lose weight without counting calories 
  • The connection with ultra processed foods and weight gain 
  • Compounding factors of eating processed foods 
  • Meal Prep Tips & Grocery Shopping Strategies  
  • Workout nutrition: What to eat before, during, and after your workout.
  • Health benefits of the sauna 
  • How to set up your bed like a sleep sanctuary