In this episode, Justin breaks down different training methods and some of the science behind training. He really focuses his efforts on helping athletes take it to the next level when it comes to strength training. His no B.S. attitude and deeper understanding of strength & performance really provides an environment where his clients can flourish and accelerate their functional fitness growth.

Episode 8

by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio w/ Justin Jarel

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How having a “student” mentality improves workout experience and progress
  • Justin’s go-to assessment for those back in the gym after a hiatus
  • About the benefits of box squatting
  • About the Conjugate Method of Powerlifting 
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about “getting strong but not looking bulky”
  • Why diet is imperative to your workout progress 
  • About the benefits of strength training for weight loss
  • Justin’s advice for those training for marathons 
  • Recommendations for those working out after a long sedentary period
  • Advice for those strength training with limited funds 
  • The difference between class instructors and trainers/coaches
  • Why strength training is a good option for those with little time 
  • About the Linear Progression Method and the Strength Hypertrophic Power-building Method 
  • About CNS Adaptivity 
  • What a deload week is and when to do them
  • The difference between strength and hypertrophy 
  • How to best develop a big butt 
  • The tie between aesthetic and functionality; Sickness Fitness Wellness Continuum (Death vs. Wellness vs. Fitness) 
  • How fitness/lifting improves brain functionality
  • The lowdown on Crossfit
  • The importance of having good form 
  • What to look for in regards to bad programming/coaching:
  • Why it’s crucial to check your ego at the door and not be intimidated in the gym 


Connect with Justin:  @jjarel | 

The gym where he instructs: @Deuce_gym in Venice, CA