Darin Olien is a “Superfood Hunter”, exotic superfood expert, and the author of the book, SuperLife. He uses his hands on experience and knowledge to help formulate supplements and has a passion for traveling the planet to discover new and underutilized medicinal plants and healthy foods. He’s also the founder of Barukas, which brought the wild Baruka nut into circulation for the first time by arranging a fair deal with indigenous communities in South America.

Episode 6

by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio w/ Darin Olien

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Darin does as a superfood hunter & how he got started in the field
  • Why he travels all over the world to visit superfood farms in person and what he’s learned
  • What “wild food” really is  
  • About how and where baruka nuts are harvested
  • Why Darin believes fair trade is crucial and how he operates business with locals 
  • About the journey to create technology that can successfully crack a baruka rather than having locals do it by hand
  • What a baruka tastes like and about it’s nutritional content 
  • About their program to plant trees in Brazil and fight deforestation 
  • Almonds vs. baruka nuts 
  • How each food purchase is like “voting with your dollars”
  • How spending a few extra bucks can really change the nutrient content you receive
  • About Darin’s book SuperLife and his approach to nutrition 
  • Darin’s hint as to what his next superfood focus will be 
  • About the benefits of turmeric and other superfoods 
  • How losing his house in Malibu fire has affected his outlook on life
  • How Darin stays fit while traveling and about his recent favorite pool workout 
  • What Darin’s new podcast will include 
  • About Darin’s morning routine and how it has helped him know himself better  

Connect with Darin Olien:  @superlifeliving | superlife.com 

Baraku Nuts: barukas.com/meowmeix