Tyler is an aspiring Naturopathic Doctor and current medical student. Tyler has always been a firm believer in educating others about their health. While it can be easy to get caught up in the latest fads and dietary trends, Tyler believes that the food we eat creates the foundation for life. After transitioning to a plant-exclusive diet for a period of 18 months, Tyler realized that a strict vegan diet was not the best fit for his body and shifted his focus to a more balanced approach which incorporated wholesome foods to fuel his daily activities and athletic performance. It was this journey that catalyzed Tyler’s passion for naturopathic medicine and embracing the fact that not every “program” is a one-size-fits all solution.

Episode 3

by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio w/ Tyler Jean

Show Notes

  • In this episode you’ll learn:

      • The reason behind Tyler’s passion for Naturopathic Medicine 
      • Why Tyler believes adopting a non-dogmatic diet can positively impact your health
      • The benefits of an Anti-inflammatory diet. 
      • Algae Oil + Fish Oil Supplements vs. Eating them Whole -> Where you can reap the benefits most. 
      • The negative impact of vegetable oils + Omega 6’s and how they impact the positive benefits of Omega 3s. 
      • Recommendations for the best type of animal meats for your health.  
      • Free Range vs. Pasture Raised
        • Eating the best you can with what you have access to.
      • Methodology: Quality of food over quantity of food, The Condiment Approach. 
      • Accessibility of meat and why quality matters.
      • The lowdown on bone broth.
      • The issues with heavy metals in plant-based protein powders
      • How to increase protein intake on a plant-based diet
      • Ketosis + the Parasympathetic Nervous System
      • How to find a diet/lifestyle that is sustainable for you 
      • The importance of trying different diets and finding out what’s best for YOU. 
      • Importance of detoxification.

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