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Hosted by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio

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The Master Your Health Podcast is about more than just physical fitness and conscious eating. We aim to optimize, so we want to share the best knowledge and practices on a range of topics that we feel can help you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Episode 16: Scientific Reasons to Use The Sauna

People have been sitting in hot tents and rooms since ancient times. This practice of sitting in hot rooms was often thought of as a spiritual purification and to be healing and cleansing on the body. In today’s podcast, we explore all the studied benefits of sauna usage and why this ancient technique has continued to be such a staple in many people’s lives including Finland culture in particular.

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Episode 14: The Science-Based Benefits of Walking

While we often promote HIIT training and strength training, we forget about the great benefits of simply just going for a walk. This episode is a powerful reminder of how beneficial adding in some extra steps to your day can be. We also share some ideas for how to incorporate walking into your daily routine.

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Episode 8: Developing Strength & Cutting Through Fitness B.S. w/ Justin Jarel

Justin really focuses his efforts on helping athletes take it to the next level when it comes to strength training. His no B.S. attitude and deeper understanding of strength performance really provides an environment where his clients can flourish and accelerate their functional fitness growth. In this episode, we take discuss some of the science behind training.

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Episode 7: Teaching (Picky) Kids to Love Healthy Eating w/ Jennifer Anderson, MHPH, RDN

In this episode you’ll hear tips from Jennifer (aka @Kids.Eat.In.Color), a mom, wife, and registered dietitian who has a masters of science in public health, in international health and human nutrition from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her first child fell off the growth chart and she learned how much effort can go into feeding a child and has spent a lot of time studying and working in the world of food, culture, and family.

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