Master Your Health Podcast


Hosted by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio

New Episodes!

The Master Your Health Podcast is about more than just physical fitness and conscious eating. We aim to optimize, so we want to share the best knowledge and practices on a range of topics that we feel can help you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Episode 8: Developing Strength & Cutting Through Fitness B.S. w/ Justin Jarel

Justin really focuses his efforts on helping athletes take it to the next level when it comes to strength training. His no B.S. attitude and deeper understanding of strength performance really provides an environment where his clients can flourish and accelerate their functional fitness growth. In this episode, we take discuss some of the science behind training.

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Episode 7: Teaching (Picky) Kids to Love Healthy Eating w/ Jennifer Anderson, MHPH, RDN

In this episode you’ll hear tips from Jennifer (aka @Kids.Eat.In.Color), a mom, wife, and registered dietitian who has a masters of science in public health, in international health and human nutrition from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her first child fell off the growth chart and she learned how much effort can go into feeding a child and has spent a lot of time studying and working in the world of food, culture, and family.

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Episode 6: Discovering Wild Foods & Integrating Ethical Business Practices w/ Darin Olien

Darin Olien is a “Superfood Hunter”, exotic superfood expert, and the author of the book, SuperLife. He uses his hands on experience and knowledge to help formulate supplements and has a passion for traveling the planet to discover new and underutilized medicinal plants and healthy foods. He’s also the founder of Barukas, which brought the wild Baruka nut into circulation for the first time by arranging a fair deal with indigenous communities in South America.

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Episode 4: The Power of Mobility: Why Listening to Your Body is KEY w/ Dr. Jen Esquer

Dr. Jen Esquer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT, PT) based in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for movement and the body came from an early age as she competed in gymnastics for 9 years, coached and taught Pilates for 6 years through undergrad and graduate school. She continued to explore movement through calisthenics and AcroYoga and focused on educating people through social media. With her release of her latest program, The Mobility Method, Jen continues to help more people learn how to relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize their movement.

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Episode 3: Why There’s No “One Size Fits All” Diet w/ Tyler Jean

Tyler is an aspiring Naturopathic Doctor and current medical student. Tyler has always been a firm believer in educating others about their health. While it can be easy to get caught up in the latest fads and dietary trends, Tyler believes that the food we eat creates the foundation for life. After transitioning to a plant-exclusive diet for a period of 18 months, Tyler realized that a strict vegan diet was not the best fit for his body and shifted his focus to a more balanced approach which incorporated wholesome foods to fuel his daily activities and athletic performance. It was this journey that catalyzed Tyler’s passion for naturopathic medicine and embracing the fact that not every “program” is a one-size-fits all solution.

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Episode 2: Why Strength Training is the Fountain of Youth w/ Christopher Rocchio

Our second episode spotlights one of our co-founders, Christopher Rocchio. He is the mastermind behind a lot of the research that goes into the shows. Chris Rocchio is a health coach that specializes in meal plans and training clients to hit their personal fitness goals. In the podcast, he lays out some of his methods and approaches to both of these topics, as well as covering supplementation, rest & recovery, and optimizing your nutrition.

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