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Hosted by Amanda Meixner & Christopher Rocchio

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The Master Your Health Podcast is about more than just physical fitness and conscious eating. We aim to optimize, so we want to share the best knowledge and practices on a range of topics that we feel can help you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Episode 47: 12 Strategic Hacks to Increase Productivity

One simple way to improve your overall stress levels, productivity, and health is to evaluate how you spend your time. After all, what you do with your time is one of the most important factors in productivity and if used wisely, it can contribute to how smoothly...

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Episode 43: Optimize Your Hydration with Tracy Duhs

When it comes to overall health, hydration is the name of the game. However there is actually so much more to proper hydration than simply drinking a lot of water. In this episode, we discuss all things water with the "hydration queen" Tracy Duhs, including why it's...

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Episode 42: The 80/20 Diet: A Balanced Approach to Nutrition

What you eat can be broken down in many ways, however it’s important to not obsess too much over your “diet” and maintain a flexible approach when it comes to your nutrition. That’s why we love the 80/20 guideline vs the restrictive diet approach. In this episode, we...

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Episode 41: How to Make Fitness Fun for Your Kids with Anna Forcelledo

The habits that we create in our childhood play such a huge role in the rest of our lives- especially when it comes to physical health. That’s why it’s so important for kids to learn about proper nutrition, exercise and overall physical education. In this episode we talk with, Anna Forcelledo, a 7th grade PE teacher who is a pro when it comes to creating programs/circuits, motivating children, and teaching PE in a way that makes it enjoyable, fun, and informative.

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40: Unlock Your Full Learning Potential with Jim Kwik

Learning is one of those things we’ve done our whole lives, right? Well Jim Kwik, a widely recognized world expert in memory improvement, brain optimization, and accelerated learning, has broken down how to learn efficiently through investigating the learning process...

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